Ayrton Senna Style: How to Nail the Legendary Driver’s Effortless Swagger

Senna’s trackside fits also offer plenty of inspiration for anyone looking to fast-track their wardrobe. His signature T-shirts—whether in plain white or featuring his own logo—had a fit that was totally unique and yet still feels modern. Oversized tees are in right now, but Senna’s signature version was special, featuring the type of high, crisp neckline preferred by skaters and emulated by the likes of Off-White and, naturally, the car-inspired brand L’Art De L’automobile.

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L’Art De L’automobile tee

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Selected Homme Mock Neck Tee

While all racecar drivers are plastered in sponsors, Senna had a way of really wearing his obligatory logos, not the other way around. His most-worn hat featured a logo for Nacional, a Brazilian bank—not exactly the pinnacle of flex-worthy imprints. And yet, by sporting the cap with otherwise minimal fits—clean button- up shirts, slim jeans, and white sneakers—he turned it into one of a truly iconic piece of headwear.

Ayrton Senna, McLaren-Ford MP4/8, Grand Prix of Hungary, Hungaroring, 15 August 1993. Ayrton Senna in civilian clothes, walking through the Hungaroring paddock. (Photo by Paul-Henri Cahier/Getty Images)Paul-Henri Cahier

Ayrton Senna Nacional Replica cap

Simply put, Ayrton Senna was a different breed of driver. In an age when F1 drivers like Lewis Hamilton are casually walking in fashion shows for Balenciaga, Senna was a style icon without ever really trying. Three decades after his death, his choices of everything from sunglasses to shoes to watches look better than ever, because they were the polar opposite of the engines he was pushing: quiet, steady, built to last. Slow and steady might not win the race on the track, but Senna understood that it’s a direct line to victory when it comes to getting dressed.

A portrait of Ayrton Senna of Brazil, driver of the #1 Honda Marlboro McLaren McLaren MP4/7A Honda V12 during tyre testing for the British Grand Prix on 7 July 1992 at the Silverstone Circuit in Towcester, Great Britain. (Photo by Mike Hewitt/ Allsport/Getty Images)Mike Hewitt

Garrett Leight “Roku II” aviator sunglasses

J.Crew classic pique cotton polo

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Tag Heuer x Formula 1 Senna watch

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Giorgio Armani Brown leather driving loafers

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