22 Juicy Menswear Deals to Ride Out the Rest of Summer Like a Boss

Each week, GQ utilizes the latest in deal-identifying technology—ie a couple of our staffers spend most of the day shopping online—to uncover all the wildest markdowns on wardrobe-boosting buys from the best men’s clothing sales on the internet. This week features two-tone hiking boots, a back-to-school ready bag, a leveled-up wallet, and 19 more irresistible … Read more

Travis Barker Might Make You Reconsider the DIY Jort

In an episode of the 1999 cult series Freaks and Geeksthe Neil Peart-loving burnout Nick Andopolis (portrayed by a teenage Jason Segel) shared what I have always assumed to be a truism applicable to drummers everywhere: no other type of pants can provide the full range of mobility—nay, freedom—that drumming requires like a pair of … Read more

Ryan Reynolds Hops Aboard the Bode Bus

Ryan Reynolds, patron saint of nice, normal outfits, really thrives in the daytime. Don’t get us wrong: the man looks good in a suit, as many superhero movie-fronting actors do—but there’s something about the way he makes regular ol’ shirts and pants look like put-together pieces you’d want to wear, too. But even maestros of … Read more

The Best Summer Watches for Men: 19 Candy-Hued Timepieces to Help You Make a Splash This Season

The best summer watches for men will see you through the heat in style, whether you’re kicking it poolside in the Hamptons or sweating through your morning commute. Like a great pair of sunglasses and the perfect white tee, this season’s top picks combine a bright, pool-ready color palette with versatile design and (naturally) a … Read more

Issey Miyake’s Menswear Revolution Was Pleated

Sargent soon found himself wearing them to dinners and parties. To Miyake, user friendliness never came at the cost of elegance, making Homme Plissé is one of the only brands that you can wear in coach and also to a Met Gala afterparty. “They’ re not sweatpants, right?” says Sargent. The material is structured yet … Read more

Adsum x Timex MK1 Watch: The Brooklyn Brand’s First Timepiece Wants You to See the Forest and the Trees

If you had to distill Adsum’s design ethos into a single sentiment, it’d be something like “simple is best”. The Brooklyn-based brand excels at making easy-wearing menswear staples stripped of extraneous details, with a focus on fit and fabric instead. Its pieces skew outdoors-y but steer clear of over-the-top gorp aesthetics—shorts that can handle a … Read more